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D'nipalooza Schedule of Music Events!

[SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the MOULa server outage, the party has been rescheduled for Sunday, August 4th.  Should something happen then, the party will then be shifted to Saturday, August 10th.  As we understand it, the schedule and its times will remain the same.  Keep checking the MOUL forum thread for more updates]

D'nipalooza is fast approaching, and a tentative schedule of the music that will be played has been released!  The event itself will be centralized in Kirel (with some activities in Ae'gura) and will start at 09:00 KI time on July 27th, topped of with the D'ni Musicological Research hood conducting interviews with some of the various musicians in the cavern at 18:00 KI time.

The event will be broadcast over this site:  Here is the full schedule (times may vary a bit) [UPDATED 7/24]:

0900 [KI Time] - Welcome to D'NIPALOOOOOOOZAAAAAAA 2013!!! 'Palooza Opening - (Rock)
1030 - (Cavern Singers)
1100 - (Ambient)
1200 - (Ambient) Dance lessons and Cavern Conga in the Plaza
1230 - (Cavern Singers)
1300 - (Classical)
1400 - (Classical) Max's Music Quiz in the Plaza
1500 - (Jazz)
1530 - (Folk)
1600 - (Country and Western) Max's Music Quiz in the Plaza
1615 - (Cavern Singers)
1630 - (Rock) Cavern Conga in the Plaza
1700 - (Rock)
1800 - 2000 –DMR interview and new music in Kirel Lire la suite

Localisation dans D'ni: 
Kirel and Ae'gura
Date de l'événement: 
Août 4, 2013 - 11:00
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All Guilds Meeting - July 2013

We're in the middle of summer, and the latest All Guilds Meeting has come and gone...very quickly, in fact!  Here's our raw and cleansed chatlogs, plus a summary of the (brief) proceedings.

Guild of Writers

Hoikas presented for the GoW.  The bulk of fixes the Guild has been working on for Gehn.17 have dealt with lag in the game.  The changes they're going to implement will increase speed about 20% and, strangely enough, improves with more avatars present in an Age.  They're planning on another event to push the server to its limit and gather more information.  We'll have details on that when they develop.

Guild of Messengers

Doobes, along with GoMeMusica, Samoth and GoMe Photographer, came up next for the GoMe.  He reiterated that the release of URU2U, Episode 2 is imminent.  He also mentioned a "remodeling" of the Guild of Messengers' Pub, similar to what is being discussed for the GoW's Pub here, into something more original.  Screenshots of the development can be seen here.  The Guild, as always, offered any interested parties to either join the Guild itself and/or any of the various projects that are in progress.

KathAveara Lire la suite

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D'niPalooza 2013!

Still riding the wave of their recent sucess, the new International Hood is busy preparing for their next event! Combining a Summer Music Fest and Cavcon Awareness party, this event has been dubbed D'niPalooza 2013!

Here's what the sponsors of IHP has to say about the event:

IHP schrieb:
Coming this July 27th, the International Hood will be hosting a music extravaganza that will feature the cavern’s finest musical talents! The upcoming event will be held in the cavern and will showcase music from many musicians who will be sharing their music, be it original or cover, solo or group, and in many genres.

If you are a musician and would like to participate in this event, please see the requirements below for submitting your music. Your pre-recorded music will be stored on a server, sorted by genre and played in its particular segment. A schedule will be posted so that you may attend and “take the stage” while your music is being streamed. The event will be recorded so that those who cannot attend will be able to enjoy at your leisure. Please contact Edisonrex Ki # 21671071 or his email if you would like to participate in this event. Edisonrex will provide you with a password and instructions for uploading.

We are looking for people who would like to host segments of this event as a DJ/Personality. A server is being provided for you to host your stream from. We will be having a general meeting on [to be announced] in the International Hood for all those who are interested in participating in this extraordinary event. For those unable to attend the meeting, please follow updates on the events forum.

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All Guilds Meeting - June 2013

The first day of June...and that means the first All Guilds Meeting of the (unofficial start of) summer!  Many presentations this month, which you can read about in both the raw and cleansed chatlogs, as well as this handy summary below:

Cavern Theater

Zeke365 came up first to talk a bit about his new project, the Cavern Theater, a talent show that can include stories, karaoke, short plays, and more.  Anyone is welcome to participate.  The first event will be June 21st at 21:00 KI time.  Read more about the project here.

D'nipalooza 2013

I.H.P.X. was next to present for the International Hood, introducing a festival event dubbed D'nipalooza, where they intend to feature several musicians for the purpose of raising funds for the CAVCON.  Read more about it at this forum thread if interested. Lire la suite

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EuroVision: Malmo 2013!

Greetings again, fellow explorers!

As some of you may already know, the time have once again arrived for the much celebrated song and dance completion known as EuroVision!

This event has become a yearly tradition, allowing the myriad international members of the cavern community to gather together in the city and watch elating triumphs and harrowing defeats of the various competitors of this exciting show.

The event kicks off this Saturday, May 18th at 13:00 KI Time. Both the International Hood and the Guild of Sleepers have arranged for beverages and light snacks to be provided at various points around Ae'gura throughout the broadcast.

Let's have a great party, and good luck to this year's competitors!

Localisation dans D'ni: 
Date de l'événement: 
Mai 18, 2013 - 13:00

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